5% of the population have a climber’s mindset: climbers reach the top of the mountain and won’t let anything stop them; they have the right attitude and approach to life that helps them become the success they want to be. 15% of the population have a camper’s mindset: campers stop half-way up the mountain and set up camp; they want change and have a better life, but stay in their comfort zone and never do anything about their situation to change it. 80% of the population have settler’s mindset: they stay at the bottom of the mountain and settle for anything; they can be dream-stealers or negative people who try and pull you back to their level; they blame everybody for their problems, and are passengers in the ride of life.

Our philosophy here at RMLC is to be climbers. We want to work with positive teams of engineers, distributors and contractors that want to work together to rise to the top of the mountain!